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ANM001 Reflection EP

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ANM001 Reflection EP: Kranky & Lethal - Reflection / Unstoppable (Bundled) ANM001 Reflection EP: Kranky & Lethal - Reflection / Unstoppable (Bundled)
Australia's first Jungle Tekno label, 'ANOMALY' is proud to present the release of their fresh sounding debut EP - the REFLECTION EP! Bringing the J-Tek sounds from Down Under, this EP sees up-and-coming producer Kranky joining forces with veteran Lethal (aka Stu Chapman of hardcore brea…
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ANM001-A: Kranky & Lethal - Reflection ANM001-A: Kranky & Lethal - Reflection
‘Reflection’ is a big atmospheric roller, that's guaranteed to bring smiles to faces on the dancefloor. With an infectious bassline, sweeping pads, soothing sax licks, and punchy modern drum breaks, this track is all about taking the crowd on a voyage they won't forget. Reminisce…
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ANM001-B: Kranky & Lethal - Unstoppable ANM001-B: Kranky & Lethal - Unstoppable
In complete contrast to 'Reflection', 'Unstoppable' takes the crowd on a much darker journey. Combining heavy modern drum breaks at a relaxed tempo, dark synths, heavy sub-bass, eerie strings, and half-speed almost dubstep-like drum edits, 'Unstoppable' is guaranteed to make …
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